Our company has been in partnership with ERGİNER PORSELENCILIK and firstly started producing porcelain yarn guides since 1985.Following carefully the new developments in the sector.we decided to produce aluminiumoxide ceramic guides in 1996.These guides were especially used in machines which proCessed nylon and polyester yarns under the trade name EKORIT*

In 2002 we expanded our production facilities and started producing titaniumoxide ceramic guides under the trade name EKOTIT* such guides are mainly used by machines which process micro-fiber yarns.

In 2005 we produced zirconiumoxide ceramicguides under our trade name EKOZIR*.Such guides are mainly used in fully automatic yarn processing machines such as Murata,Autocoro,Schlaforst,etc..

We are proud to have been manufacturing first class products with high quality row-materials which we export successfully throughout the World.

In addition to the above products we produce a wide variety of ceramic guides used in yarn transferring machines,warp-knitting machines,copper cable and steel cable drawing machines.We also produce tailormade ceramic guides for various local and foreign customers.

Our company is in close contact with many machines manufacturer,continously follows the latest technological developments and give great importance to its R & D services.

We follow all the local and foreign exhibitions and have successfully introduced all our products to worldwide customers.We hold TUV-ISO – 9001-2000 certificates..