Quality policy


* Textile machinery used in the production of ceramics and the power to be one of the leading companies in the field of industry ,

* Customer satisfaction , needs and expectations of customers’ expectations and to keep open the channels of communication on the go constantly ,

* High quality ceramic and always produce timely and competitive price , the top-level administrator , so the lower-level employees , and through the efforts of the joint effort of all the staff to create

* High quality, efficient and economical production of ceramics and the power of technology and systems will be continuously monitored and updated ,

* The staff working at all levels of the business , to give importance to the nature of the continuous training and motivation ,

* Ekorit Inc. respect the rights of all persons and in the relationship with the staff ,

* To be environmentally conscious ,

* At one time the company is committed to work with the staff in accordance with this policy .


* Our company the world leader in the field of production and sales of power and in the ceramic industry get you into one of the top 5 firms .

* Customer needs and expectations detecting very good on customer requests and expectations to increase its market share .

* Processes by working for safe, high quality , efficient and economical , and the power of technology and develop the system will produce .

* 90% of the level of business efficiency and reduce the cost of extraction.

* Raw materials , accessories , etc. . reduce the cost of supply .

* To have the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system documentation .

* Quality minimize errors and for this purpose a maximum level of 2% to keep the rates of fire .

* The quality of the staff at all levels of business , with an emphasis on continuous training and motivation of employees to ensure continuous improvement .

This quality policy ekorit Inc. the participation of all employees are provided.